New Projects

orderly spaces


our new corporate design for interior things 

same same but different

architecture, typography and craft: watch them meld to form a new visual identity. 



visual identity for bächlemeid architects 

»who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue?« or »from a to b and back again«

our new signage system for the stuttgart region chamber of commerce and industry: great guidance, visibly vivid walls. wow! 



stuttgart region chamber of commerce and industry signage system 

signage system

installation of the signage system for the chamber of industry and commerce of the stuttgart region (ihk). 

question and answer

which questions might raise in the new year? which remain unanswered? which have to be asked over and over again? which don’t? which questions touch our emotions? which leave us cold? 


there are questions that find their answers by themselves and others that stay untouched. what sort of questions might be hidden under the bars? 


fortunately at the turn of the year, all questions describing last year’s wishes and possibilities are entirely covered by – or hidden under – a thick black line.  


the balance of the annual account: important questions will be asked again and – with a little bit of luck – one or the other will be answered this time. 


we wish you lots of good answers to the questions of 2015. 



büro uebele new year’s greetings 

liturgy and signage

a room wrapped in silky-soft dark violet, one of 27 highly pigmented colours we have selected for the signage system of the ordinariate, the central administrative office, of munich’s archbishopric. 


project in progress, more to follow soon. 


we are happy that we have won the competition for the corporate design bauhaus museum weimar.  


the communicational concept is all about the materiality and the visual understanding of things that represent the bauhaus. the corporate design focuses on objects and their creators and on other protagonists as well. the viewer is not addressed in an emotional way but still on an easy accessible level of the human perception. images and typography have their own power: the illustrations communicate the handicraft aspect that was highly renowned during the bauhaus era. 

starry, starry night

we paint the ceiling blue and grey... our design for the welcome center stuttgart communicates the variety of the region, the city and the different nations of the new citizens. 


colour design: 

interior design: 


  • karin sander: multiple choice drawings

app icon for karin sander

with the »karin sander: multiple choice drawings« app, you can acquire original drawings by karin sander and print them out yourself.  

we have designed the app icon. 


you can download the app for free via 

büro uebele at the architecture biennale venice

»this is modern – deutsche werkbund exhibition venice 2014« 


the deutsche werkbund berlin shows on the occasion of its 100th jubilee at the 14th architecture biennial 2014 in venice an exhibition with regard on contemporary architecture and design. 7 german graphic designer and 22 german architects have been asked for a statement. we are happy for our participation. the exhibition takes place in palazzo ca'tron, santa croce 1957, 30135 venice, italy, 8th june –1st august 2014. 



werkbund venice, print 


beirut – yes yes yes!

lecture by andreas uebele (keynote speaker) at the city street2 conference “street-forming/ re-forming: transforming the 21st century city streets” at notre dame university, louaize (ndu), lebanon. 

andreas uebele in rome

summer party at villa massimo, rome. 

exhibition of works by our office in the occasion of the scholarship awarded to andreas uebele. 


talk and workshop with andreas uebele at zurich university of the arts. 

lecture in krefeld

as part of the »less walkin more talkin« lecture series, andreas uebele will give a sepak on wednesday, 6th may at the design department of the university of applied sciences in krefeld. 

lecture in istanbul

as part of the 19th istanbul graphic design week »grafist XIX«, andreas uebele will give a lecture on saturday, 18th april at mimar sinan fine arts university. 


presentation of works by andreas uebeles students in düsseldorf. lectures and guest criticism by martin grothmaak, projekt triangle design studio and johanna siebein and dirk laucke, studio laucke siebein. 

one week in berlin

poster on the occasion of the presentation of works by andreas uebeles students in düsseldorf on 27th and 28th january. there will be lectures and guest criticism by martin grothmaak, projekt triangle design studio and johanna siebein and dirk laucke, studio laucke siebein. 

in the »bild« newspaper today.

supernew supergraphics
type only


two times featured in books by untit edtions. 

good design

three of our recent projects have won an »award« at the »good design 15« competition held by the german designer club (ddc). 



vh – vilson hardt, visual identity 

lederer ragnarsdóttir oei, visual identity 

adidas gym, spatial and interior design 



woman, man 


a woman and a man. standing calm and still, wearing a knee-length dress and shorts. no specific fashion is discernible. these two figures have fallen out of time. yet they aren’t hermaphrodites – who’ve always missed out when the sexual categories are defined: we can see from the two figures that the man is probably a boy, the woman probably a girl. it’s not just that they’re almost exactly the same height: the female figure’s undeveloped chest, the shorts – which tend to be the preserve of the young – are sympathetic references to the un-sexual. a shared naïveté – or perhaps rather a shared innocence – overlays the stark division of the sexes. the form fulfils its function and reminds us of childhood. the figures aid wayfinding and tell us a tale of rediscovering a lost age. 


picture language 


someone who is looking for the toilet comes to a door. he sees what we might call a humanoid figure. he sees a person. the body descends vertically from broad shoulders, the legs stand parallel with a small gap between them. aha, the viewer says to himself, this is the place for men. yet if the figure has a waist and wears a skirt-like garment it is equally clear – at least in the western world – that we have reached the ladies’ toilet. the fact that this information is understood globally is a tremendous cultural achievement – its importance cannot be overestimated. it is the translation of instructions, place descriptions or complex emotional states into an internationally comprehensible language – basically the invention of an autonomous picture-based language that functions across all national boundaries. together, scientist otto neurath and graphic designer gerd arntz laid the foundations for the international visualisation system we use today, which helps us communicate various important matters quickly and straightforwardly without using writing and words. smileys, emojis and emoticons are another wonderful example of this. here you can see the beauty of gerd arntz’s original drawings: woman, man. smile. 


plädoyer für die maßlosigkeit: 

mehr ist mehr! 

pracht, fülle und ausschweifung! 



watch wonderful: 


keep all 


many designs are for the wastepaper basket. what a pity. but they are a good fertilizer for something new. 


cotton candy typeface 


oh how beautiful is the fun fair! loud and annoying, confusingly complex and everyone loves cotton candy and roasted almonds. i rather like the typography: awkward, weird and powerful. bubi slush ist ok. would be a funny name for a typeface: bubi slush bold ... 




geschlechtsabhängige individualiserung von digitalen geräten. 

unsystematische feldforschung an der fachhochschule 

düsseldorf, fachbereich design. 


bazon brock spricht. wie man wird, der man nicht ist. drei stunden hören. korrektur des autors: nichts klebt. alles fließt. danke. 


die gendergerechte ausstattung des büros ist selbstverständlich. alle haben den gleichen stuhl, tisch und arbeitsleuchte. wir benutzen die gleiche toilette und den gleichen drucker. bisher war nur das verhältnis frauen zu männer ungleich. auf wunsch der – mehrheitlich weiblichen – beschäftigten wurde dieses verhältnis nun zu gunsten der männlichen verschoben. seit montag sind zwei neue kollegen im büro, deren anwesenheit eine mitarbeiterin mit glänzenden augen dergestalt kommentierte, dass es nun im büro nach »mann« röche. 


endlich diese übersicht. die debatte, was kunst oder design sei, wird einfach. kunst ist, was hasenkamp liefert. 


schnell fahren (alain delon und jane fonda im ferrari), schnell arbeiten. interview auf englisch.