New Projects

luminous trail

new signage system for the technische universität berlin. 



tu berlin 



over many years the look of these flyers has remained unchanged – because when you present an ever-changing line-up of paintings and drawings to invite people to exhibitions, an underlying sense of continuity provides a firm foundation. 



parrotta visuelle identität 

parrotta einladungen 

in permanent orbit


zatellite corporate design 

geo aesthetics


cdm smith 

rome red

new visual identity for deutsche akademie rom villa massimo. 



villa massimo 

flusslauf und fließsatz


remstal gartenschau 2019 

three, two, one, sero! 


mvz jugenheim 

getting to the point

for the artist karin sander we designed the cover for the new ex libris edition by salon verlag. it is based on a children’s book by dieter roth which was originally published in 1957. the title is set in superpois in super sized letters over the whole cover or more precisely: it is laser cutted out of it. 



cover dieter roth 

walter, wassily, marianne


bauhaus museum weimar 


wir suchen einen programmierer (web, frontend, ux)
in leitender festanstellung

ihre tätigkeit wäre eigenständige lösungen zu entwickeln. sie sind nicht der erfüllungsgehilfe der designer. wir arbeiten in einem team und bieten einen schönen arbeitsplatz mitten in stuttgart mit brezelpause. sie sollten kenntnisse in html, css, js und php haben und mit folgenden begriffen einigermaßen vertraut sein: kirby cms, bootstrap, jquery, git, sass/less und mysql. 

wir freuen uns über ihre bewerbung ( 

büro uebele under new management and new co-ownership. after 21 years at the helm, andreas uebele (56), founder and proprietor of büro uebele visuelle kommunikation, has handed over management responsibility to carolin himmel (35), who is also the company’s new co-owner. carolin has been with büro uebele for the past nine years and having worked in paris (base design), new york (2x4) and tokyo (hiromura design office) knows the business inside out. 



joachim baldauf 

imagine a game of musical chairs with two chairs and two players, no music or rushing around, and no loser. but who took the second chair? who was daring enough and emerged as the new partner in büro uebele? 



joachim baldauf 

simply day-to-day

exhibition at aut from march 3rd to june 3rd 2017. 


the exhibition "simply day-to-day" displays around 200 objects, provided by 150 architects, graphic artists, designers, artists and theoreticians. Supplemented by short texts, this phenomenology of the everyday, offers an insight into a world of everyday objects and cultural backgrounds, which extends across the different professional fields. 


participation with works from andreas uebele. 



party book release

party / book release & 21 years büro uebele / friday 31th märz 2017 / am fruchtkasten 3 / stuttgart / 8.30 pm OPENING tony brook unit editions / london / DJ iassen markov, igor tipura 

we are the type

Perhaps our typographic roof will yet be realized (together with meck architects). 

290.000+ characters 

654 pages 

85 projects 

52 font styles 

18 articles 

13 years 

5 colours 

3 fonts 

2 papers 

2 languages 

1 book 

brutally many hours 

almost done 

schrift bild zeichen

our poster for the 50th show of the type directors club new york is published now in the book »schrift bild zeichen«, which gives an overview on german advertising graphic from 1945 to 2015. 

webpraktikant gesucht. grundkenntnisse in css, html und javascript erforderlich. vom märz 2017 bis september 2017. bewerbung mit arbeitsproben bitte an 

on the 10th of december andreas uebele is giving a lecture in hanoi, thanks to the goethe institue in vietnam. design students will also have the chance to participate in a two-day workshop there. 


in the streets of hanoi posters are hanging like newspapers on the wall. there you can read opinions about the city and quotes of goethe, which can be interpreted as comments about hanoi. these posters were made during a workshop with andreas uebele, organized by the goethe institut hanoi.  

so muss es sein! glückliche gesichter bei der urkundenvergabe. die zeremonie wurde erstmals an der hochschule düsseldorf vollzogen? nein, gefeiert! mit der hilfe der boy group raoul gottschling und tobias hönow und der jury mit saskia diez und florian lamm und jakob kirch und peter ippolito von ippolitofleitzgroup. wir gestalten identitäten für andere. gestern haben wir auch identität hergestellt, und zwar für unseren fachbereich. kleine persönliche freude: meine ex-tutorin katrin gruszczyk bekommt für ihre von mareike föcking und mir betreute arbeit (manifest xenofeminismus) einen der designpreise der hochschule düsseldorf, den wir bei dieser gelegenheit auch gleich ins leben gerufen haben. eröffnet wurde die veranstaltung mit einem eigens für diesen anlass geschrieben vortrag von dem philosophen prof. hannes böhringer aus berlin. 




der spiegel wirft das bild zurück und stößt den betracher vor den kopf. er zwingt ihn, das zu betrachten, was er kennt. der blick geht nicht weiter, man sieht bekanntes. wenn man den standpunkt ändert, wird das bild, das entsteht, ein anderes. das körperliche löst sich auf, wird verrätselt. ein trick, eine optische täuschung, die im raum eine schöne wirkung erzeugt. jetzt sieht man das, was nicht in der blickachse liegt. ein spiegelndes schild ist wie ein parfüm. es überlagert die wahrnehmung und bereichert sie mit einem anderen visuellen eindruck. 


woman, man 


a woman and a man. standing calm and still, wearing a knee-length dress and shorts. no specific fashion is discernible. these two figures have fallen out of time. yet they aren’t hermaphrodites – who’ve always missed out when the sexual categories are defined: we can see from the two figures that the man is probably a boy, the woman probably a girl. it’s not just that they’re almost exactly the same height: the female figure’s undeveloped chest, the shorts – which tend to be the preserve of the young – are sympathetic references to the un-sexual. a shared naïveté – or perhaps rather a shared innocence – overlays the stark division of the sexes. the form fulfils its function and reminds us of childhood. the figures aid wayfinding and tell us a tale of rediscovering a lost age. 


picture language 


someone who is looking for the toilet comes to a door. he sees what we might call a humanoid figure. he sees a person. the body descends vertically from broad shoulders, the legs stand parallel with a small gap between them. aha, the viewer says to himself, this is the place for men. yet if the figure has a waist and wears a skirt-like garment it is equally clear – at least in the western world – that we have reached the ladies’ toilet. the fact that this information is understood globally is a tremendous cultural achievement – its importance cannot be overestimated. it is the translation of instructions, place descriptions or complex emotional states into an internationally comprehensible language – basically the invention of an autonomous picture-based language that functions across all national boundaries. together, scientist otto neurath and graphic designer gerd arntz laid the foundations for the international visualisation system we use today, which helps us communicate various important matters quickly and straightforwardly without using writing and words. smileys, emojis and emoticons are another wonderful example of this. here you can see the beauty of gerd arntz’s original drawings: woman, man. smile. 


plädoyer für die maßlosigkeit: 

mehr ist mehr! 

pracht, fülle und ausschweifung! 



watch wonderful: 


keep all 


many designs are for the wastepaper basket. what a pity. but they are a good fertilizer for something new. 


cotton candy typeface 


oh how beautiful is the fun fair! loud and annoying, confusingly complex and everyone loves cotton candy and roasted almonds. i rather like the typography: awkward, weird and powerful. bubi slush ist ok. would be a funny name for a typeface: bubi slush bold ... 




geschlechtsabhängige individualiserung von digitalen geräten. 

unsystematische feldforschung an der fachhochschule 

düsseldorf, fachbereich design.