our recently completed project for adidas on designboom! 



adidas gym, spatial and interior design 

  • karin sander: multiple choice drawings

app icon for karin sander

with the »karin sander: multiple choice drawings« app, you can acquire original drawings by karin sander and print them out yourself.  

we have designed the app icon. 


you can download the app for free via 

segd award

after winning more than 300 awards now we got the most beautyful one. at the segd conference in atlanta our signage system and interior design for adidas laces was honoured with a merit award designed by massimo vignelli. 



adidas laces, signage system and interior design 

büro uebele at the architecture biennale venice

»this is modern – deutsche werkbund exhibition venice 2014« 


the deutsche werkbund berlin shows on the occasion of its 100th jubilee at the 14th architecture biennial 2014 in venice an exhibition with regard on contemporary architecture and design. 7 german graphic designer and 22 german architects have been asked for a statement. we are happy for our participation. the exhibition takes place in palazzo ca'tron, santa croce 1957, 30135 venice, italy, 8th june –1st august 2014. 



werkbund venice, print 

brazil II

football, the round thing, the brazilian … to cut a long story short: we have developed a new corporate design for a manufacturer of furniture fittings based in brazil. we say: fifa hardt! 



hardt, corporate design 


SMILE! our new work für the adidas gym is BETTER and STRONGER and has super POWER. ALL IN! from 

messi via beckham to müller and dwight howard. and now: RELAX, OM BLISS! 



adidas gym, spatial and interior design 



ado goldkante redesign

how do you give a grand old brand a brand new look, a new presence in the marketplace? or maybe this is the wrong question to ask? is »new« the wrong angle? possibly, because the brand isn’t new – it already exists. so what can it be then? renewed? refreshed? radically renovated? the brand’s new owner wanted none of this. fortunately – because many »rejuvenated« brands merely reveal the cluelessness with which concepts like »fresh«, »new« and »modern« are used and why they are now (paradoxically) so faded and jaded. 


for home textiles producer ado we chose a different path. the brand redesign follows objective, technical criteria in a judicious and scrupulous manner. solving formal problem areas was our priority. 



ado, logo redesign 

seoul, korea, design.

corean magazine »design« fetured our signage system for the innsbruck trade fair in their latest issue.  

thank you! 



innsbruck exhibition centre, signage system 

andreas uebele on sketching

in occasion of the lecture by andreas uebele at the the 2014 segd conference, eg-magazine reports on our office. falling out of time is the demand on hand drawing.  


the editors asked for a statement that you can read here: 

andreas uebele – drawing by hand 


you can find the whole issue here: 

andreas uebele in atlanta

andreas uebele will talk at the 2014 segd conference for experiential graphic design, taking place june 5–7 in atlanta.