monograph of works 

stuttgart, 2017 


what is beautiful? what is functional? what works and what doesn’t? where does it feel wrong and why? this book is a sketchbook, a project catalogue, a collection of interviews and a volume of essays. it explains and describes with and through pictures. it’s a book for reading and for using, a collection of material and materials. it presents 85 projects along with the materials from which they emerged – interspersed with material by people who’ve accompanied us along the way: kai bierich, joachim blüher, hannes böhringer, matthew carter, andreas cukrowicz, adrian frutiger, durs grünbein, hans hansen, klaus klemp, norbert lammert, jórunn ragnarsdóttir, thomas ruff, karin sander, manfred schmalriede, klaus schmiedek, eva-maria schön, massimo vignelli, hermann zapf and peter zizka. 


size: 185mm x 240mm 

pages: 654pp 

print: five colour offset-print 

binding: lay-flat bound  

special features: two papers, one with a full bleed uv-lacquer finish 

english language 

39.00 pound 

isbn 978-3-87439-875-6  


german edition: 

isbn 978-3-87439-875-6 

verlag hermann schmidt 


english edition: 

unit 32, isbn 978-0-9956664-2-9 






schrift und identität

die gestaltung von beschilderungen im öffentlichen verkehr 


edited by johannes eckert, christian fischer, ilona pfeifer, philipp schäfer and andreas uebele.  


with text contributions by florian adler, indra kupferschmid, sven neumann and albert-jan pool.  


niggli, 2013  

300 pages  

38,00 eur  

isbn 978-3-7212-0820-7  



schrift und identität 



no detail: michael held, 27 häuser

monograph of works 

stuttgart 2011 


published by andreas uebele in conjunction with vermögen und bau baden-württemberg and universitätsbauamt stuttgart und hohenheim  


with contributions by atelier 5, marie-jo lafontaine, arno lederer, harald f. müller, karin sander, klaus schmiedek, eva-maria schön and werner sobek  


niggli, 2011  

280 pages  

49,80 eur  

isbn 978-3-7212-0812-2 



no detail: michael held, 27 häuser 



andreas uebele alphabet innsbruck

exhibition catalogue  

innsbruck 2009  


hermann schmidt mainz  

180 pages  

eur 28,–  

isbn 978-3-87439-785-8 



alphabet innsbruck, exhibition catalogue 



andreas uebele orientierungssysteme und signaletik

a planning manual for architects, product designers and communications designers  


german edition:  

hermann schmidt mainz, 2006  

336 pages  

euro 89,–/sfr 145,–  

isbn 978-3-87439-674-5  


english edition:  

signage systems & information graphics – a professional source book  

thames & hudson  

isbn 9780500288481 


chinese edition:  

china youth press, new century publishing corporation peking  



orientierungssysteme und signaletik  



andreas uebele weg zeichen/my type of place

stuttgart 2004  


with contributions by jacques blumer atelier 5, uwe loesch, wilfried korfmacher, karin sander  


hermann schmidt mainz  

text german/english  

400 pages  

eur 45.-/sfr 75.-  

isbn 3-87439-645-2 



weg zeichen/my type of place  



andreas uebele schrift im raum

visual communication and architecture 


stuttgart 2000 


hermann schmidt mainz 

256 pages 

isbn 3-87439-494-8 

sold out