hypovereinsbank münchen
signage system
münchen 2005

the design language is quiet and reserved. the information accompanies the visitor – who doesn’t need to go and find it: it’s literally there at his feet. there are no panels or constructions to impair the architecturally sensitive ensemble – bright metallic characters are inlaid into the terrazzo and granite floor, connecting with the buildings in a way that’s both natural and assured. words in large type show locations, telling you where you are. words in small type indicate destinations. the polished letters reflect the light back again, casting words onto the walls where they progress with the movement of the sun, travelling like comets.  



hvb immobilien ag 



prof. guido canali 

prof. gilberto botti  


project team:  

alexandra busse (project manager)  

andreas uebele 



andreas körner 



deutscher designer club ddc, auszeichnung 


adc, art directors club  

für deutschland, auszeichnung 


joseph binder award, bronze 


tdc tokyo, type directors  

club of tokyo, tdc annual  

awards 2007