stimmen – zehn gebäude von bächlemeid architekten
editorial design
konstanz, 2021

vocal viewpoints

how do we read our built environment? what do the residents or occupants think? what do the experts criticise? this book answers these questions from a perspective that says more than drawings and photos: from the viewpoint of the people for whom the buildings were designed. in this large-format, brochure-style book they step to the fore: editor miriam holzapfel talks to the owners and users of ten selected projects by bächlemeid architeken about how their buildings came into being and what they are like to live and work in, while photographer göran gnaudschun captures them in calm, thoughtful portraits. the book is set in a handwritten font and presents the buildings not by a-scribing from without but by de-scribing from within. which sensitively illuminates what the architects’ work is all about: designing finely-tuned buildings that meet the diverse needs of different people’s lives.



bächlemeid architekten stadtplaner bda

communication design:

büro uebele

visuelle kommunikation

in collaboration with

karin sander

project team:

filip antunovic

maks barbulovic (project manager)

carolin himmel

tobias hönow

simon hopf

simon renner

leonie seitz

hendrik siems

andreas uebele

interviews and transcripts:

miriam holzapfel


göran gnaudschun

principal typeface:

own, 2×7


tokyo tdc annual awards 2022, excellent work