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michael held
27 häuser
stuttgart 2011

monograph of works 


michael held was a man of letters. he recorded his thoughts in notebooks where he made a collage of them with tickets to exhibitions and all kinds of small treasures: there are photos clipped from magazines, of items of clothing, bicycles, tables and above all houses. this book presents his work in the same way that his diaries are arranged: as a multifaceted architectural landscape comprising narrative elements, drawings and colour. the material for this monograph of his work – a collection of plans, computer drawings, sketches and photos – has been assembled in blank »diaries«. the quality of the reproduction has been deliberately sacrificed to maintain the impression of a diary, which aligns well with michael held's approach as an architect for whom perfection was less important than the story, the image or the atmosphere, which is not, of course, to detract from his painstaking attention to detail when planning his buildings. this report on his oeuvre is complemented by articles from architects, engineers and artists whom he held in esteem and whose work, he felt, added value to the buildings he created.  


published by andreas uebele in conjunction with vermögen und bau baden-württemberg and universitätsbauamt stuttgart und hohenheim  


with contributions by atelier 5, marie-jo lafontaine, arno lederer, harald f. müller, karin sander, klaus schmiedek, eva-maria schön and werner sobek  


niggli, 2011 

280 pages 

49,80 eur 

isbn 978-3-7212-0812-2 



andreas uebele 


project team: 

carolin himmel 

katharina moritzen (project management)  

felix rabe (project management) 

andreas uebele 

max uebele 


principal typefaces: 

akzidenz grotesk 



hans hansen 


german design award 2014, nominated 


if communication design award 2013 


deutscher designer club (ddc), good design 13, bronze 


d&ad awards 2012, award 


tdc tokyo, annual awards 2012, selected 


ed-awards 2011, bronze