type design

typefaces – writing systems – are the best thing in the world. where would we be without them? we could keep pigs but we wouldn’t be able to realise our inner potential (by designing custom typefaces for our clients, for example). writing, especially in its reproducible form as movable type, has brought all kinds of good things with it: democracy, enlightenment, information for everyone. in the old days, of course, it tended to be rulers who commissioned type designs: the german fraktur typeface, for example – beautiful, but sadly fading into oblivion – was created for emperor maximilian I, who wanted a typically german typeface, in vienna in 1513. hangul, the korean alphabet, was also initiated by a ruler, king sejong, in the 15th century. today we don’t have emperors to order typefaces into being. but bespoke typeface designs are still being created – for businesses, foundations, institutions. here we’ve put together a selection of the designs we’ve created for clients in recent years. because a custom typeface is a simple means of making a big impact and supporting a visual identity. and we’d be delighted to help.