visual identity
curitiba (brazil) 2014

hardt is a manufacturer of high quality furniture fittings. these small metal parts forge the links between doors and hinges, windows and frames, cupboards and doors. it’s a role that’s reflected in the company logo: sidled up snugly like fitting and frame, individual letters are run together, like the »a« and »r« or the »d« and »t« – and links don’t come much closer than this: they actually form typographic ligatures. this simple solution has two decisive benefits: on the one hand these »elective affinities« mirror the company’s products. on the other they shorten the brand name, making for clearly legibility even in tight spaces, like when embossed on a little hinge. 





project team: 

mats kubiak (project manager) 

andreas uebele 



mats kubiak 


principal typefaces: 

itc franklin gothic