stuttgart municipal museum
visual identity
stuttgart 2011

invited competition, not realized. 


variations on a theme 

the symbol conveys the essence of the museum: a collection of different objects and subjects under one roof. the letter logo is an s, its internal form varying from collection to collection, while its outer form remains constant – like the museum’s constant central theme: its relationship to the city. the institution’s name and the city both begin with an s, and the letter logo is constructed so as to create an outer s and an inner s. the outer s can be read as standing for the place and the building, the inner s for its content, the objects. these two letter shapes vary in form for each application, the variations conveying the diverse scope of the collections and showing that this museum is a living entity. 



state capital stuttgart, cultural office 


project team: 

petr pščolka (project manager) 

andreas uebele 


principal typefaces: