andreas uebele
signage systems

a planning manual for architects, product designers and communications designers 


rule number 1: no textbook or manual can ever obviate the need to think for yourself. rule number 2: every infringement of current rules is a step towards good design. 


german edition: 

hermann schmidt mainz, 2006 

336 pages  

euro 89,–/sfr 145,– 

isbn 978-3-87439-674-5 


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english edition: 

signage systems & information graphics – a professional source book  

thames & hudson  

isbn 9780500288481 


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chinese edition: 

china youth press, new century publishing corporation peking 



verlag hermann schmidt mainz 


project team: 

svenja knödler 

jessica krier 

birgit lorinser 

sabrina sigle 

andreas uebele 



andreas uebele 


if communication design award 2007, award 


design award of the federal republic of germany 2009, nominated