andreas uebele
weg zeichen/my type of place

stuttgart 2004 


with contributions by jacques blumer atelier 5, uwe loesch, wilfried korfmacher, karin sander 


but turning to the essentials of the particulars: here is a book that is post-modern without being tied to the logistics of letters. it is informative and full of fantastic images which, in fragmented form, document the extensive projects and commissions realised by uebele and his team. it is a courageous work, because who (apart from me) really wants to know what the individual design concepts looked like in toto? but such attention to detail is a golden thread running through the works of andreas uebele. this, at least, the book manages to convey in places. from that angle it is more a kind of video clip packed with striking scenarios. it’s the book of the film that we have to imagine in full length – although it doesn’t matter if you miss the start and have to piece the plot together for yourself. ultimately this book is out to make you wonder what the future will bring from andreas uebele. it will bring something, won’t it? or was that it! uwe loesch 


hermann schmidt mainz 

text german/english 

400 pages 

eur 45.-/sfr 75.- 

isbn 3-87439-645-2 


photos book: 

dirk altenkirch  

lothar bertrams  

claudio hils  

werner huthmacher 

andreas keller  

andreas körner 

christian richters 

bernhard widmann 


photos product: 

andreas körner 


design award of the federal republic of germany 2007, nominated 


design award of the federal republic of germany 2006, nominated 


if communication design award 2005, award 


new york festivals 2005 world´s best advertising, finalist certificate 


berliner type awards 2004, diploma 


deutscher designer club (ddc), good design 05, award 


istd international typographic awards 2004, certificate of excellence 


red dot award: communication design 2004, red dot 


the chicago athenaeum, good design 2004, good design award