navigating from pink b5 to green c3 – building h6 audi, signage system, invited competition,, 1st prize,, ingolstadt 2016

in our cars it’s often the insignificant looking bits that play a vital part in reaching our destination. and signage systems are no different. in this case, the secret is an ingenious code designed to make the labyrinth-like layout of the automaker’s new building easy to comprehend and navigate. the technical details of the system are discreetly displayed on the walls and, like a reliable component, they make sure visitors and employees get to where they want to go.

the less technically minded are guided through the interior by different patterns and colours. on the ceilings and walls, abstract shapes recall moments frozen in time, like mental snapshots captured as we drive through the countryside. these visual compositions combine bright colours with black or grey to break up the rigid architectural structure and identify locations – providing guidance. monochrome staircases help to direct the traffic. follow red to the exit, blue to the restaurant, and yellow to get back to your office.

building h6 audi
signage system
invited competition,
1st prize,
ingolstadt 2016


audi ag

communication design:
büro uebele
visuelle kommunikation
project team:
simon renner (project management)
andreas uebele

principal typefaces:
audi type

brigida gonzález