simply brutiful – cafeteria morgenstelle, spatial and interior design, tübingen 2016

a uni-cafeteria as a place to hang out with friends? it won’t be, if it’s uncomfortable and unwelcoming. buildings of the 1960s have a unique charm of their own – although it must be said that their brutalist aesthetic can withstand all kinds of intervention: not just the impact of art works in pop-art colours, but black-and-white architectural design, as well. working with the architects, we designed a feel-good landscape for the cafeteria that was instantly colonised by its natural inhabitants: the students. all the newly designed installations, seating, walls and ceilings are finished in the simplest of designs – strategic variations on black-and-white patterns. but for all their simplicity, they hold their own in this challenging context: brutalist architecture made brutiful.

cafeteria morgenstelle
spatial and interior design
tübingen 2016



project team:
carolin himmel
(project manager)
andreas uebele

interior design:

frank kleinbach