– designers saturday, stuttgart 2001

designers saturday 2001

copy maketh man, it can say: i’m young, i’m modern. i’m powerful, i’m rich. text is like textiles. it’s interwoven with our wishes. our choice of font translates and transfigures.

the location is a planning error; a dead square comes to life; the error turns beautiful. correct type can be wrong. characters may be flawed, lines break, type bleeds. what is wrong is right.

how can i furnish my text? there’s a handful of convenient and attractive fonts. some were created a long time ago, some only recently. that’s all it takes.

designers saturday
stuttgart 2001


project team:
frank geiger
(project manager)
matthias herzogenrath
andreas uebele

in collaboration with:
büro für gestaltung
diane ziegler

andreas körner

matthias herzogenrath
andreas uebele


  • designpreis der bundesrepublik deutschland 2006, nominiert
  • joseph binder award 2004, bronze
  • red dot award: communication design 2004, red dot
  • designpreis der bundesrepublik deutschland 2004, nominiert
  • if communication design award 2003, gold
  • the chicago athenaeum, good design 2003, good design award
  • adc deutschland 2002, bronze
  • core design 2002, 2. preis
  • deutscher designer club (ddc), gute gestaltung 03, finalist