– armed forces memorial, berlin 2009

armed forces memorial

how should the dead be remembered? how should their names be displayed, in a dignified and appropriate manner? the memorial is a peaceful place, and the “inscription”, likewise, exhibits the utmost restraint. the names are projected digitally, while the technical act of projection remains invisible. the names shine out on a concrete wall, written in light. the mystery of how light brings life to this dense matter expresses, by the simplest of means, eternal questions of life and death.

the names are centred and fade slowly in and out after three seconds. one name follows another in a steady, even rhythm. after all the names have been displayed the cycle starts again from the beginning.

for this special digital application, type designer lucas de groot developed a unique gill-based typeface which ensures optimum legibility in relation to the led grid and the structure of the translucent concrete.

armed forces memorial
berlin 2009


bundesamt für bauwesen und raumordnung

meck architekten

project team:
katrin theile (project manager)
andreas uebele

daniel fels (1, 2, 6, 7)
bundesministerium der verteidigung, bienert (8)