evolution, revolution, convolution – high-performance computing center stuttgart university, spatial design, stuttgart 2017

a quotation is a wonderful thing: you don’t have to think for yourself, you simply step onto the shoulders of some intellectual giant or other. in this case, though, things are rather different. because the computing center’s director is borrowing a quote, but also thinking for himself and thinking outside the box, as well. which is why he chose a statement by media artist peter weibel to adorn his new building. weibel’s idea – presented here in simplified form – is that new technologies and their applications represent the true revolution. so far, so good. but to make sure that people still have to think for themselves, here – a cunning plan! – the quotation is broken up into individual words. each word is presented on a different wall of the building as a large-scale typographic relief, matching the wall colour in each case. so the people who work here read not black-on-white but blue-on-blue the word EXO, then around the corner they find DIE (=THE), while in the foyer visitors are greeted with REVOLUTION in white-on-white. the reader stops short, tries out the various combinations, attempts to make sense of it, thinks.

high-performance computing center stuttgart university
spatial design
stuttgart 2017




communication design:
büro uebele
visuelle kommunikation
project team:
carolin himmel, romina iken, ilona jablonski (projektleitung), andreas uebele

peter weibel

sarah weiselowski

ff din