FLOATING NUMBERS – hypovereinsbank building, arabellapark, signage system, munich 2018

the wayfinding system is a STRUCTURED PRODUCT. its ACCOUNTING RATIO is the grid of equilateral triangles that forms the basis of the building’s architecture: this architectural design feature is the BENCHMARK used to develop all the wayfinding applications. the INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING is in the reception hall, where visitors and staff are greeted by an apparently FLOATING zigzag ticker strip – a FRIENDLY TAKEOVER of the space by a HIGH FLYER that takes up the triangular patterns of the architecture and SHARES images of the surrounding space on its reflective surface. led ticker displays on both sides of the strip ISSUE a constant stream of luminous letters which shine through the reflections, YIELDING information with INTEREST. there are three of these ticker displays, 33 metres LONG in all, offering PREMIUM wayfinding guidance with OPTIMUM legibility – and, as a BONUS, in three languages (INSIDER INFORMATION: the CLIENT is a german BANK, owned by an italian group). as an extra DIVIDEND the various arms of the zigzag ticker strips (LONG and SHORT) each point in a specific direction, so that the text TRENDS in the right direction, guiding building users, its content adapted to the length of the arm in each case. this FREE FLOAT construction PAYS DIVIDENDS in terms of flexibility, creating the OPTION of mixing wayfinding guidance with ad-hoc REAL-TIME announcements. the rest of the system is VANILLA ISSUE, with understated lettering providing information on walls in a BALANCED mix of black and white that matches the architectural context.

hypovereinsbank building, arabellapark
signage system
munich 2018



henn architekten

communication design:
büro uebele
visuelle kommunikation
project team:
angela klasar (project manager until 02 2015)
nadja ratz (project manager since 03 2015)
andreas uebele

construction supervision:

brigida gonzález

maison neue bold