colourful complexity – icampus munich, signage system, munich 2021

on munich’s eastern edge, supported by attentive and meticulous urban planning, a former business park is being transformed into an eminently liveable, attractive neighbourhood. the signage system helps ensure that the new meshes seamlessly with the old. the signposts on their masts, for example, dotted around the campus in 16 colours like flowers in a meadow, look very much like normal everyday street name signs. just another cityscape, then? no, because this place has aspirations, backed up by urban planning at its expert and caring best.

icampus munich
signage system
munich 2021


r&s immobilienmanagement gmbh

communication design:
büro uebele
visuelle kommunikation
project team:
filip antunović (project manager)
carolin himmel
andreas uebele

sebastian schels

ll circular, lineto