standing start, outstanding signs – porsche, signage system, for all facilities, worldwide 2020

it’s often the finer points that transform something good into something really special. to gain a split-second advantage over the competition in the traditional standing start at le mans, the swabian sports car manufacturer located the ignition switch to the left of the steering wheel – leaving the driver’s right hand free to select first gear. It was a decision driven by clarity, logic and functionality – and these exact same principles underlie the design of the signage system for all the company’s sites. the design is simplicity itself: a vertical stripe – coloured, naturally, in ral 3020: traffic red, and adorned with beautiful, lightweight bodywork. the sign proportions are (naturally, again) not randomly chosen but replicate those of the porsche brand logo. and these signs come with g-force and lateral acceleration as standard: lettering which would normally be presented in a horizontal, static way is vertical and dynamic here. the upright presentation speaks of mobility, suggesting an ability to tip, turn or move.

the complex system is responsive to the automaker’s diverse and specific requirements. it covers signs for reading close-up and from distance, signs for public and private spaces, and signs with bilingual texts; it’s legible, clear, and economic on cost, maintenance and space. it provides the optimum solution for each and every signage need. now, employees, visitors and suppliers can all find the ideal line to and from shopfloor, offices and canteen. the red stripes guide everyone to their destination, with the same proportions being applied in almost – but not quite − every application. this makes the system easy to manage and instantly recognisable − and strengthens the identity of the company’s sites.

signage system
for all facilities
worldwide 2020


dr. h.c. f. porsche ag

communication design:
büro uebele
visuelle kommunikation
project team:
carolin himmel
tobias hönow
anna pfältzer
simon renner (project manager)
andreas uebele

brigida gonzalez

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  • tdc tokyo, annual awards 2021, excellent work