– st. damiano, residential community for people with mental disabilities, colour concept and three-dimensional communications, stuttgart 2011

st. damiano

a sequence of cheerful colours, a syncopated rhythm that disrupts and structures the tedious row of doors and corridors. every place becomes identifiable, in the simplest terms: for example, the lime green door with dark brown stripe is next to the bright red wall. for the residents – people who have had mental disabilities since birth – the combination of colour and form offers a way of quickly and easily finding the doors to their rooms. a helpful aid for people with cognitive impairments that makes the spaces so much more attractive for visitors and staff as well.

st. damiano, residential community for people with mental disabilities
colour concept and three-dimensional communications
stuttgart 2011


project team:
andreas uebele
svenja voß (project manager)

interior design:
büro für gestaltung
stefanie bürg
diane ziegler

daniel fels