– stuttgart university, signage system refectory, stuttgart-vaihingen 2004

stuttgart university

the foyer is a flowing space, a concrete sculpture set in a spatial concrete frame. outside and inside, pathways are signposted with brilliant red varnished tubes. these are signals, visible from afar. they stretch from floor and ceiling – some as much as six metres high. the rounded form of the red signposts stands out against the angular grey concrete structure. this signage system is clearly, visibly an addition. information points are anchored in the floorplan and are developed into spatial features. the tubes’ diameter is so wide that they cannot to be mistaken for pipes or ventilation ducts – yet narrow enough for them not to be interpreted as load-bearing elements.

stuttgart university
signage system refectory
stuttgart-vaihingen 2004


universitätsbauamt stuttgart und hohenheim

atelier 5

frank geiger (project manager)
andreas uebele

roland gfeller-corthésy

andreas körner


  • d&ad awards 2005, in book award
  • designpreis der bundesrepublik deutschland 2006, nominiert
  • deutscher designer club (ddc), gute gestaltung 05, award
  • if communication design award 2004, auszeichnung
  • joseph binder award 2004, silber
  • the chicago athenaeum, good design 2004, good design award
  • if communication design award 2003, auszeichnung
  • red dot award: communication design 2003, red dot: best of the best
  • the chicago athenaeum, good design 2003, good design award
  • deutscher designer club (ddc), gute gestaltung 03, finalist