following the script – wüstenrot & württembergische campus, signage system, second construction phase, kornwestheim 2024

the wüstenrot & württembergische campus is now complete, with red squares dotted about everywhere. the bespoke typeface we created offers a light, poetic counterpart to the architecture‘s rigorous geometry. the housing and insurance group became increasingly fond of the handwritten script, which we duly expanded into a headline typeface for its corporate communications. so now the group‘s values are written on high in the entrance hall, welcoming visitors like slogans. thus everything comes together: architecture and typeface, messaging and values, signage and identity.

wüstenrot & württembergische campus
signage system, second construction phase
kornwestheim 2024


wüstenrot & württembergische ag

ortner & ortner baukunst

communication design:
büro uebele
visuelle kommunikation
project team:
carolin himmel
nadja ratz (project manager)
simon renner (project manager)
andreas uebele

brigida gonzález

ww type
ww campus, own