reading − and writing the next chapter – württemberg state library
typographical complement
stuttgart 2023

the württemberg state library (WLB) in stuttgart wanted a typographical complement for its extension − without specifying either deadline or budget. an assignment as rare and alluring as an orchid. so we began with a free hand and a blank canvas. but then what? drawing on our box of tricks, we worked with what was already on site, taking our lead from the typographical works of josua reichert that decorate the older library building. the outcome is a collection of poetic texts selected by philosopher hannes böhringer, beautifully composed using ornate typefaces and headline fonts, peculiar alphabets and exotic letters. the message is clear: reading rocks! type is tremendous! books are the best! long live the library!

württemberg state library
typographical complement
stuttgart 2023


württembergische landesbibliothek

lederer ragnarsdottir oei

communication design:
büro uebele
visuelle kommunikation
project team:
maks barbulović (project manager)
carolin himmel
andreas uebele

hannes böhringer

marcel katz

abc maxi, dinamo
basteleur, velvetyne
ft88, velvetyne
gill sans
gt planar, grilli type
kiosk typeface, nguyen gobber
krasz, andreas uebele und gabriel richter
maison neue, milieu grotesque
massimo, andreas uebele und gabriel richter
metaballs, maxitype
outward, velvetyne
suisse int'l mono, swiss typefaces
thunder, rajesh rajput