– bree catalogue, isernhagen 2004–2011

bree catalogue

the collection takes centrestage, in several acts. the stars of the show are capricious divas, presenting their handles, straps and loops with playful gestures. now and then they dance out of line, disrupting the order of the design. otherwise they stay neatly in place, following the choreography of shadowless light. the rest of the company keeps to clear structures, frozen in place – solo or corps de ballet – with every minute detail in sharp focus. all the members of the collection are displayed with a scientific objectivity, free of background clutter. all of them coming up bright and fresh every time.

bree catalogue
isernhagen 2004–2011


bree collection gmbh & co kg

project team:
rebecca benz
katrin dittmann
daniel fels
tino graß
natalie de gregorio
gerd häußler
(project manager
till 2008)
beate kapprell
(project manager
till 2010)
angela klasar
(project manager
till 2011)
svenja knödler
till köhler
jessica krier
daniel perraudin
silke sabow
sabine schönhaar
andreas uebele

wilfried korfmacher

joachim baldauf (fashion)
andreas körner (report)
hans hansen (product)


  • if communication design award 2007, auszeichnung
  • the chicago athenaeum, good design 2007, good design award
  • designpreis der bundesrepublik deutschland 2007, nominiert
  • the chicago athenaeum, good design 2006, good design award
  • deutscher designer club (ddc), gute gestaltung 06, award
  • if communication design award 2005, auszeichnung
  • new york festivals 2005 world´s best advertising, finalist certificate
  • red dot award: communication design 2005, red dot
  • the chicago athenaeum, good design 2005, good design award