– a picture book: johannes lotz »flucht durch l.«, exhibition catalogue 2010

flucht durch l.

the title of the exhibition – passage through l. – is also the key to the catalogue: the cycle of works is presented as a row of images through which the observer passes, restlessly leafing through colours and shapes and, having seen the originals in the exhibition, gradually becoming aware that the design of the catalogue is invariably an interpretation of the artworks. this is no neutral collection of materials; it conveys a personal impression that reveals much of the artist’s original intention by adapting the choreography to the print medium: the cover, endpaper and all the following pages show details of paintings or virtually complete works. they shed light on mysterious links between the names and contents of the works and spotlight many revealing details. The copy in the catalogue is printed over the paintings in inverse colour percentages, so that they merge into one.

a picture book: johannes lotz »flucht durch l.«
exhibition catalogue 2010


project team:
andreas uebele
svenja voß (project management)