setting the tone – gta papers 7: care, editorial design, zurich, 2023

these days academic journals have grown to bulky proportions. but does this have to mean heavyweight design? well, yes, it does, because the layout informs the hasty viewer about the serious, challenging nature of the articles. design here isn’t about glossing over or dumbing down – it’s about added attraction. the form is worthy of the content.

gta papers 7: care
editorial design
zurich, 2023


gta verlag, eth zürich
institute for the history and theory of architecture
department of architecture

communication design:
büro uebele
visuelle kommunikation
in collaboration with
karin sander
project team:
maks barbulović (project manager)
carolin himmel
andreas uebele

maks barbulović

principal typeface:
GT eesti