– junk font/small caps, typographic designs for the magazine »vorn«, 2014

junk font/small caps

in his USURA CANTOS, ezra pound castigates usury, the charging of interest, as the root of all the world’s evil. with admirable foresight, we might think, nearly 100 years later, surveying recent years in which such bizarrely named phenomena as CALL and PUT OPTIONS, CREDIT DEFAULT SWAPS and JUNK BONDS were being sold off by the millisecond. ultimately it wasn’t just FUTURES that were being traded here but the future itself that was at stake, prompting this typographer to design SMALL CAPS for the art magazine vorn’s current issue, which is dedicated to the topic of MORALITY. and the moral of this story is: BUY SELL PUT XYZ ASAP SWAP MAYBE OMG.

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junk font/small caps
typographic designs for the magazine »vorn«


vorn, joachim baldauf

project team:
yanik hauschild (project management)
andreas uebele


  • german design award 2015, nominee