– lothar bertrams, unterwegs,, exhibition catalogue, stuttgart 1999

lothar bertrams unterwegs

sections in the volume include landscape, people and circus. the landscape imagery moves from tranquil black-and-white photos of rural areas to a beachside parking lot filled with automobiles located next to a busy roadway. in the people section, figures range from nude models to business people waiting for a ferry to an infant cradled in someone’s arms. the most engaging section however, is the circus photo gallery, which includes blurred images of people and animals flying through the air, as well as a glimpse behind the scenes of the big top.

lothar bertrams
exhibition catalogue
stuttgart 1999


lothar betrams

project team:
susanne fritsch
(project manager)
jutta boxheimer
andreas uebele

lothar bertrams

lothar bertrams,
kurt weidemann


  • 2001 step-by-step graphics 100 design and illustration competition, auszeichnung
  • deutscher preis für kommunikationsdesign 1999, auszeichnung für hohe designqualität