perfect disruption – gestimmte räume, editorial design, münchen, 2021

restrained, forthright, material-appropriate design, balanced composition and a love of detail characterise the work of meck architekten. in this monograph of their works their rigorous approach is translated into an apparently simple concept that’s balanced internally in a very complex way: the uncut images, are alternately placed to the left or right of the layout, setting up a subtle rhythm that runs right through the book. photographs of buildings, printed against a white background, alternate with explanatory texts and drawings on grey paper. a tangible, visible surprise in a book of perfect balance.

gestimmte räume
editorial design
münchen, 2021


meck architekten

communication design:
büro uebele
visuelle kommunikation
in collaboration with
karin sander
project team:
carolin himmel
christian lindermann
anika pehl (project manager 03/20–01/21)
marcel tillmanns (project manager 09/19–02/20)
andreas uebele
hannah witte (project manager 03/19–08/19)

anika pehl

principal typeface:
univers 45 light, light italic, 55 roman, 65 bold