27 questions, one picture – mosaik zwosieben/mosaico duesette, editorial design, rom, 2019

the director‘s leaving and so we‘re saying „addio“. 27 former fellowship holders at villa massimo - the german academy in rome - look back on their experience: on rome, on the currywurst, on the swimming pool that never was and, of course, on their time with the director himself, herr b. the outcome is a multifaceted picture of this unique german cultural institution. it‘s like a mosaic comprised of 27 bold, fresh questions posed by author miriam holzapfel and 27 wonderfully insightful answers from writers, musicians and designers who have got to know herr b and villa massimo. and, fittingly, the picture is as richly illustrated as it is illustrative. photographer and fellowship holder göran gnaudschuhn accompanies each question-and-answer pairing with a photograph, another mosaic piece in a sparkling kaleidoscope of colour, whose pages are a book, a farewell and a big thank-you.

mosaik zwosieben/mosaico duesette
editorial design
rom, 2019


deutsche akademie rom villa massimo

communication design:
büro uebele
visuelle kommunikation
in collaboration
with peter zizka
carolin himmel
christian lindermann (project manager)
hannah witte
andreas uebele

questions: miriam holzapfel, andreas uebele;
answers: 27 scholars;
photos: göran gnaudschun

julian körner

principal typeface:
suisse int‘l regular, suisse works regular