a question of form – out the box, poster, hannover 2013

which draft is the one worth to be finished? which typeface is appropriate? do you need colour? what do you see on this poster?

at first the question remains unanswered. so does the one what is inside the box. it's a surprise for the audience as well as for the invited designer, who is asked to talk about things that, at first sight, may not even have anything to do with design.

if you look closer, you will find that all the small, puzzling things on this poster are drafts of posters, visualising the design process of the poster itself. the mystery is clearing up, everything is possible. a design can be good or bad, but it needs to keep a secret to stay surprising.

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out the box
hannover 2013


edelstall, hardy seiler

project team:
mona matejic (project management)
andreas uebele

hardy seiler