words and spaces – randomly selected works -, brochure for karin sander, copenhagen, 2014

the blank front page shows nothing. or, rather, is nothing: is emptiness, a white surface, like a space or room that’s defined by typography. opening this large-format brochure reveals more spaces – in which the artist has made her mark. we see the many different ways a space can be occupied: by objects, by walking through it, by modification or conversion. the layout supports these interventions in the way the texts are arranged: the text blocks flow around the illustrations, their location – to the right or left, above or below – signposting the different kinds of information they provide. in this way the authors’ texts, captions, titles and notes come together with the artist’s work to form a whole.

randomly selected works -
brochure for karin sander
copenhagen, 2014


nikolaj kunsthal, copenhagen

project team
tobias hönow, mats kubiak, andreas uebele

principal typefaces
maison neue