making waves – karin sander skultur/sculpture/scultura, exhibition catalogue, bolzano, italy, 2020

this large-format catalogue has the air of an outsized exercise book. as you browse through from front to back the illustrations get larger, page by page, expanding outwards from the left-hand margin and across the centrefold until they cover almost all the right-hand side, as well. the text - set in a mega-wide column on the initial pages - has to make way as the images push it further and further to the right, until the type area becomes marginalised and the font size is tiny. the screenplay governing this particular motion picture is shaped by a single rule: the size of each artwork - from the minuscule blueberry through to a work set on the worldwide web - dictates where it appears in sequence as the accompanying text gradually dwindles away. victory of image over word? absolutely not. after all, you can also browse through the book in the other direction, watching the descriptions expand as the art shrinks to berry-sized dimensions. from which point the next wave can start rolling forward. the book itself is a sculpture made of movement, image and text.

karin sander skultur/sculpture/scultura
exhibition catalogue
bolzano, italy, 2020


parrotta contemporary art

communication design:
büro uebele
visuelle kommunikation
project team:
carolin himmel
christian lindermann (project manager)
marcel tillmanns
andreas uebele
sven wang

christian lindermann

principal typeface:
starter light, book, italic


  • tdc tokyo, annual awards 2021, excellent work