der superromkomplex
typographic work
rome 2016

how exactly does it happen? a portrait  


a scholarship – especially a villa massimo scholarship – is a lucky break for anyone engaged in creative endeavour. but what does good fortune of this kind mean for a creative? how do they cope with being so fortunate? is italy – historically such a magnet for creative minds – a good place to work, to create something? and how do these works, these things, actually take shape? these and other questions were put to the 2015 scholarship holders and their director by two other scholarship holders – an artist and a graphic designer. the interview transcripts were arranged to create a silent soundscape of the german academy in rome. fragmentary phrases speak out from the walls in understated typography. a muted portrait of villa massimo and its many different voices. 



deutsche akademie villa massimo rom 


communication design 

andreas uebele in 

collaboration with 

karin sander 


project team 

raoul gottschling (project management)  

andreas uebele 


principal typefaces 

favorit von dinamo, 

johannes breyer 

und fabian harb 



claudia klein