andreas uebele
alphabet innsbruck
innsbruck 2009

the place is characterised by a combination of odour, light, colour and lettering: bright colourful type, cast metal letters, names engraved in plaster, messages and paintings sprayed on surfaces capture the characteristic visual scent of a city. you don't perceive them as shapes but as information. you read the signs but fail to identify their messages. in the interplay of their shapes and forms they are tiny time-capsules, narrative echoes of the era in which they were created. anecdotes relating to a building and its location. in the exhibition / in the book “alphabet innsbruck” these hidden stories become visible. 


exhibition catalogue:  

andreas uebele alphabet  

innsbruck, hermann  

schmidt mainz, 2009,  

180 seiten 28,– euro,  

isbn 978-3-87439-785-8  



aut: architektur und tirol 

arno ritter 


project team: 

stefan becker 

katrin dittmann  

(project management) 

andreas uebele 


product design: 


büro für gestaltung 

prof. diane ziegler 



daniel fels 



georg salder 

gretl köfler 

andreas uebele 


ed-awards 2010, bronze 

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