exhibition stand orgatec
cologne 2006

the different product lines are set apart by coloured spaces, each with different-coloured flooring, on which there stand the members of each product family in black, grey or white. the pure, muted colours echo the company’s philosophy of building furniture with clear lines that incorporates intelligent technical solutions. the translucent walls choreograph and communicate the function of the spaces. the colourful curtained booths, open on two sides, are linked by white walkways. these convey not only visitors to the stand but also information about the company. 


the black-and-white concept of the exhibition stand is transposed onto bags, brochures, advertisements and pencils. some visitors also leave with a gift: a book of empty white pages, with a black ribbon and lots of space for notes and ideas. 



brunner group 


project team: 

beate kapprell  

(project management)  

andreas uebele 



büro für gestaltung  

diane ziegler,  

stefanie bürg 



andreas körner 



wilfried korfmacher 


if communication design award 2007 


german design prize 2009, nominated