signagesystem new building drägerwerk ag & co. kg aa
lübeck 2009

the building is a glazed structure that twists and turns, ribbon-like, around courtyards and pathways. all the external walls and the internal walls facing the atrium are glazed: this transparency makes it easy for visitors to identify where they are with reference to the interior and exterior of the building. graphic symbols cover the internal glass walls, helping to define the different moods of the various locations.  


the wayfinding system consists of a base motif that’s modulated in six variations. at its core is a simple, grid-style pattern of rings which is different on each storey. the spacing of the rings varies in two directions, creating gaps, clusters and distinctive formations. the information is incorporated within the pattern, by filling in rings to create surfaces. the codes for different rooms, levels and sections of the building are displayed within these circles. 



molvina vermietungsgesellschaft mbh & co. objekt  

finkenstraße kg 


general co-ordinating contractor: 

commerzleasing und immobilien commerzbaucontract gmbh 



drägerwerk ag & co. kg aa 



goetz hootz castorph 

architekten und stadtplaner gmbh 


project team: 

rebecca benz  

(project manager) 

katrin theile  

(project manager) 

katrin dittmann 

andreas uebele 



michael heinrich 


design award of the federal republic of germany 2012, nominated 


iF communication design award 2010 


the ring, iC@ward international interior design 2009, honorable mention