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beauty and structure 


when you think, plan and design things systematically, they have their own inherent order and specific form – an intrinsic concept, rather than random haphazardness. the design elements – such as colour, form and typeface – arise not from some abstract focus on design per se but from an engagement with the content of the assignment (ooh, that’s hard work). design solutions of this kind don’t age so fast (aah, that’s great!) and they work (oh, that’s practical!). this combination of beauty and functionality is designed to delight any client and doubtless helped to ensure that messe stuttgart came back to us, eleven years after the trade fair and exhibition centre was first built, to assist with the preparations for their new hall 10, extending the wayfinding system we designed back then (ooh, that’s complicated!). this gave us a good opportunity to adapt the system to the revised circumstances – but other than that, nothing new had to be created (aah, that’s economical!). good design is durable – so it makes sound economic sense.  



wulf architekten 

landesmesse stuttgart 



landesmesse stuttgart 



wulf architekten 


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büro uebele 

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carolin himmel 

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andreas uebele 



roland halbe 


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