institute of electrical engineering, building 2, stuttgart university
signage system, redesign
stuttgart-vaihingen, 2012

back to the future. 


a chance to remedy our earlier mistakes is something we all often wish for later in life. and in our professional lives, too. the signage system designed by our office 15 years ago – and since unchanged – looked good, but in corridors where lighting levels can be subdued it was hard to read. the understated lettering in purple and black echoed the architecture, but didn’t contrast strongly enough with the silver-coloured background strips. now the whole thing’s been spruced up, freshly painted in fluorescent colours, and finished off with lettering in black – a sharp and effective contrast. the result is clear to see – the messages stand out in vibrant neon shades against the grey concrete walls, proclaiming: read this! here! now! 



universitätsbauamt stuttgart und hohenheim 


project team: 

katharina moritzen (project manager) 

felix rabe (project manager) 

katrin theile 

andreas uebele 


principal typefaces: 

neue helvetica 



daniel fels 



eicher werkstätten