stuttgart region of commerce
signage system
stuttgart 2014

»who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue« 


where to, and where next? visitors to the new stuttgart region chamber of commerce and industry building are welcomed and guided to their destination by cheerful bands of colour. even if their route leads up a hidden staircase, visitors can tell at once where they are heading: 

from the two-storey foyer they can already see the colourful signs on the floor above. clear information is presented on multi-coloured wallpaper – the layered stripes blending in naturally with the architecture. at each new wayfinding point the pattern of bright colours is configured differently, reflecting and communicating the diversity of the stuttgart region. 

project data


stuttgart region chamber of commerce and industry 


project team 

angela klasar (project management) 

andreas uebele 



harald f. müller 



wulf architekten 


principal typefaces 

ff din 



brigida gonzalez