karlsruhe municipal hospital
signage system
karlsruhe 2021

saying it with flowers

except on the happy occasion of a birth, a hospital visit is rarely something we look forward to. that’s why this signage system brings flowers and colours into the building, creating spaces that are pleasant to be in. 

plant names appear in neon writing on the walls of the main circulation corridor, giving each individual space a friendly feel and clearly defining the circulation spaces. selected interior walls and ceilings are painted in delicate floral shades specified by the artist hf müller. author miriam holzapfel has written entertaining descriptions of 24 medicinal plants to help anyone who has to wait pass the time pleasantly and guide their thoughts in positive and optimistic directions. setting the tone, the entrance hall greets everyone with ten suspended neon words – concepts relating to the hospital’s work, selected by the philosopher hannes böhringer. they endow this semi-public space with an urban feel and help to create a distinctive image. 

the system tells us that here, people are working to help and heal others, signalling care and personal attention – precisely what anyone in hospital needs.



städtisches klinikum karlsruhe ggmbh


wörner traxler richter

communication design:

büro uebele

visuelle kommunikation

project team:

dominik bissem (project manager until august 2020)

carolin himmel

nadja ratz

marcel tillmanns (project manager september 2020 – february 2021)

andreas uebele


frank blümler

guido kasper


in collaboration with harald f müller

words entrance hall:

hannes böhringer

text medicinal plants:

miriam holzapfel

principal typeface:

own (neon writing), in collaboration with gabriel richter,

avenir next lt pro


iiid award 2023, award