kronen carré stuttgart
signage system
stuttgart 2001

the kronen carrée quarter is a complex of buildings accessed via a hall. the linear architectural elements have been developed into a graphic code. the lines follow a matrix and their thickness and length are varied in line with a musical principle. they signal information, tie the different typographical levels together, and lend aesthetic appeal to their collision protection function. in keeping with the structural architectural principle, the typography is not colored. the silvery shade resides in the material: glass-bead blasted stainless steel in the sandstone floor, silver-bronze paint on the plastered walls, and silver foil on the glass surfaces. the color silver literally reflects the surrounding world of color, the interplay between lettering and colors strikes a chord in the concerto that is the integrated design of characters and architecture. 



sparkassen versicherung 





project team:  

jutta boxheimer 

markus fischer 

caroline pöll  

(project manager) 

andreas uebele 



andreas körner 


the chicago athenaeum  

»good design« award  


art directors club new york,  



art directors club für  

deutsch land , bronze medaille  


if design award communication design, auszeichnung 


deutscher designer club (DDC), auszeichnung