station lukas 01
colour concept for the lukas 01adolescent and adult psychiatry ward
meckenbeuren 2012

lifting the spirits 


the place is a sad one. the people who live here are trapped in themselves, in space, in time. visitors and staff in places like this also feel the sense of pressure, suffering and pain. colour may not be able to heal but it can help to make the place more bearable. strong colour tones give the spaces an individual note, the ceiling is transformed into a fantastic play of colour that opens up an otherwise closed-in situation: the eye strays from sunshine yellow to leaf green and wanders on further, from sky blue to soft white to speckled orange. a small intervention that shows care – loving care not just for the people staying here but also for the atmosphere of the spaces they inhabit. 


project team: 

angela klasar (project manager) 

andreas uebele 


interior design: 


büro für gestaltung 

stefanie bürg 

diane ziegler 



peter böck 



daniel fels