morgenstelle cafeteria
tübingen university, 2009

“hin und wieder aber dennoch” (now and then but nonetheless) 


large-scale, luminous words accompany the students at tübingen university not – as we might expect – while they are studying but while they are eating. suspended from the ceiling in the cafeteria where the food is served, the words and their possible meanings add an element of interest and diversion to the time spent in this functional space. they are a playful adaptation of words by the philosopher hannes böhringer selected specifically for this location. light sequences of different colours create an ever-changing atmosphere, bringing the whole cafeteria to life.  



vermögens- und hochbauamt tübingen 



studentenwerk tübingen/hohenheim 


project team: 

anja klein 

(project management)  

andreas uebele 


interior design: 

büro für gestaltung 


stefanie bürg 

diane ziegler 



hannes böhringer 



daniel fels 


design award of the federal republic of germany 2012, nominated