young classics
stuttgart 2009

the essence can be captured in a single word: wroooaaarrh! the power of the comic strip is compressed into the building crescendo of a roaring engine. the onomatopoeia takes on three-dimensional form and provides the foreground and backdrop for the »young classic« cars. the letters move off unassumingly enough but rapidly increase in size and weight. the resultant »typo strip« is an illustrated sequence of letters, starring the pontoon, tailfin and /8 mercedes-benz. 


the extracts from familiar comics featuring models of the brand with the three-pointed star are displayed in full on the front face of the letters, which stand up to three and a half metres tall, accompanied by brief explanatory comments and the names of the authors. the shadows of the letters are not determined by the course of the sun but subject to the laws of statics.  





project team: 

carolin himmel 

beate kapprell 

tristan schmitz  

julien pommé 

andreas uebele 


product design: 


büro für gestaltung 

miriam kreil 

diane ziegler 



daniel fels