trade fair and exhibition centre stuttgart
information- and
stuttgart 2007

a multilingual hubbub, a colourful sound, a confusion of voices and concert of colours. the visitor’s mood is set – for the exhibition, for contact with countless colleagues, for new impressions and encounters. the signage system takes him by the hand and guides him to the right place so that he won't get lost in the maelstrom. and to make the walk seem shorter, it’s entertaining: outside the visitor is greeted by a welcoming committee of flags, inside he is accompanied by rainbow-striped signs and big walls of colour. they provide a constant compass and companion, just in case he forgets for a moment where was it he wanted to go. 



projektgesellschaft neue messe


wulf & partner

project team:

katrin dittmann (project manager)

beate kapprell

katrin häfner

benedikt haid

simon renner (project manager since 2014)

andreas uebele

product design:

büro für gestaltung

diane ziegler


roland halbe

andreas körner

christian richters


designpreis der bundesrepublik deutschland 2011, nominiert 


designpreis der bundesrepublik deutschland 2010, nominiert 


if communication design award 2008 


2008 good design graphics award, the chicago athenaeum 


ring, ic@ward international interior design 2008, gold 


red dot award: communication design 2009 

»red dot für hohe designqualität«