tyrol university college of teacher education
signage system
innsbruck 2020

read, write, left, right

this college combines teacher training and administration with real-life teaching practice. that‘s what makes its concept unique. in architectural terms this is visualised in the ground-level storey that connects four multi-level building sections housing, respectively, the admin offices, the university, specialist subject facilities and the teaching practice schools. this set-up allows students to apply and test their knowledge directly in a live classroom environment. the faculty members, meanwhile, can see if the wisdom they are imparting really works in practice. the signage system translates this concept into graphic design: everything is connected with everything else. strips of text are overlaid onto all building sections at a particular height, literally embracing glass, wood, concrete and plasterboard walls, following the contours, turning corners and disappearing into recesses in a way that generates interesting juxtapositions.



bundesministerium für bildung bmb

bundesimmobiliengesellschaft big


arsp architekten

communication design:

büro uebele

visuelle kommunikation

project team:

carolin himmel

christian lindermann (project manager)

andreas uebele


hannes böhringer


stefan müller-naumann


gt eesti, grilli type