paracelsus pool and wellness centre
signage system
salzburg 2020

making waves

people go to the pool to swim and have fun in the water, making waves and making themselves healthier, too. large white letters on the walls of this pool and wellness centre at the heart of salzburg‘s old city wave the way to the sauna, the therapy facilities and the pool. the 3-d letters are arranged in their own rhythmical wave patterns, as if gently in motion − referencing not just the water itself but also the building‘s architectural showpiece: the stunning wave-shaped roof that extends over the pool, and offers magnificent views out over the undulating rooftops of the old city skyline. amidst all this watery wellness, it‘s only natural for the lettering to go with the flow, making waves of its own.



stadtgemeinde salzburg – kktb,

stadt salzburg immobilien gmbh



communication design:

büro uebele

visuelle kommunikation

project team:

carolin himmel (project manager)

andreas uebele


kurt heuvens 


gt america 


tdc new york, tdc67 2021, certificate of typographic excellence