motorway toilets
standard design model, lower saxony 2012

colours of nowhere 


oker, drachenberg and schunter, places in germany. normally you pay them no heed as you drive by, rushing through space and time. but sometimes nature calls and you just have to stop – and then, what do you find? landscape, hills and valleys, visualised as a map, a different colour for each altitude level. at each of these places the design depicts the specific location – in a way that also renders graffiti redundant. these redesigned motorway toilets are gradually becoming a regular sight. 



staatliches baumangement weser-leine

project team:

benjamin brinkmann

jan paul gaugler

raoul gottschling

angela klasar

julian körner

christian lindermann

philipp schäfer

justyna sikora

katrin theile

thanh-thao tran

hannah witte 

andreas uebele


gruppeomp architektengesellschaft mbH


christian richters


german design award 2015, nominee 


german design award 2014, nominee 


deutscher designer club (ddc), good design 13, bronze 


if communication design award 2013