baden-württemberg space center
signage system, exhibition design
stuttgart-vaihingen 2012

2012, stuttgart university campus. saturn, quaoar, planck's constant, orbital velocity: such were the underlying design parameters for a world-class institutional building. 


on arrival, the only way is up, heading for orbit, as indicated by the sign in the foyer. this three-dimensional lettering rotated through 90° – representing many times the mass of the interstellar dust entering the earth's atmosphere each year – seems to defy the laws of gravity. bearing the names and rooms of the people of this cosmic location, it helps to locate them in the twinkling of a star. 



universitätsbauamt stuttgart und hohenheim 


project team: 

katrin theile (project management) 

andreas uebele 


principal typefaces: 

neue helvetica 



daniel fels