rent event tec
façade design
mannheim 2017



seeing, recognising, reading – it’s all a puzzle, a game of yes and no, with the allure of ‘maybe’. And it’s a game that can be applied to lettering, too. the urban planning authority want the façade to be decorated in its entirety – all 1,000 square metres of it – with a layer of graphic art, in order to beautify (or disguise) the vast bulk of this industrial building, set beside a public road. so we persuade the client to let us coat his expensive new façade by promising that it will feature his logo (and it’s nearly 100 metres long). the planners aren’t happy, though: according to their regulations, no more than 10% of the façade can be used for advertising purposes. and so we take the company logo and break it up into its component parts, which we arrange loosely and indecipherably enough for the planners to approve – but closely enough that it’s just about legible, still, and so the client is happy, too. for everyone else it’s a giant graphic puzzle – a puzzle they can (maybe) put back together. 



city of mannheim 



rent event tec gmbh 



peter stasek 


communication design: 

büro uebele 

visuelle kommunikation 

project team: 

carolin himmel 

christian lindermann (project manager)  

andreas uebele 



brigida gonzález 


segd 2018 global design awards, merit award

tdc tokyo, annual awards 2020, selected